“At Assurance, the charity work we do each year is our secret weapon in building our award-winning, best place to work culture. The Special Spaces dream bedroom makeovers we undertake are the epitome of everything we hope to achieve with our philanthropy. A team of employees, from all levels and all different departments throughout our company, comes together and in a single day, experiences the satisfaction of seeing a project through from start to finish. Each participant enjoys the benefits of teamwork and a sense of purpose, while new bonds and trusting relationships with co-workers are established. Best of all, they experience the satisfaction of making a meaningful difference in the life of a deserving child and their family. It’s one of the top-cited reasons our employees have continually voted us a great place to work.”

-Steven Handmaker, CMO, Assurance


Special Spaces offers a unique opportunity for businesses, as well individuals, to directly impact the life of a child with cancer. By sponsoring a dream bedroom makeover, you will be personally involved in the process. It is a “hands on”, unique experience that will leave an impact on your team while making a difference to not only a child with cancer, but the entire family. We work with individuals and companies of all sizes to create partnership opportunities that align with your philanthropic goals.

Thank you for helping us … Change Children’s Lives One Bedroom at a Time!