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What is the mission of Special Spaces?

Special Spaces creates dream bedrooms for children with cancer.

How much does it cost the family?

Dream bedrooms provided by Special Spaces are created with no cost to family.

What ages do you serve?

Special Spaces serves dependent children from the ages of 2-19, within one year of treatment.

What areas of the country do you serve?

View our chapters map to all of the areas we serve.

Who can submit the child’s application?

If you have a child who qualifies in an area we serve please email us.

What happens when a child’s name is submitted?

All requests are reviewed by the Child Sourcing Committee. The applications are subject to a family interview, a medical verification, and volunteer/sponsorship availability.

What are your selections based on?

Dream bedrooms are not provided on a first come first serve basis. Decisions are based on the severity of the child’s medical condition and the availability of resources. Special Spaces also reserves the right to make selections/decisions based on other factors deemed appropriate.

How long until I know if my child was selected?

A typical approval period is approximately six-to-eight weeks.