Fill Your Cup: Supporting Families Through Childhood Cancer

“Fill Your Cup” is an initiative born out of the compassionate vision of Special Spaces Illinois, aimed at providing essential support and comfort to families facing the daunting reality of childhood cancer diagnosis. This program, spearheaded by Special Spaces Illinois, entails the distribution of specially curated Yeti cups to local hospitals with the sole purpose of offering solace and practical assistance to newly diagnosed families.

The concept behind Fill Your Cup is simple yet profoundly impactful. Each Fill Your Cup Yeti serves as a tangible embodiment of support, symbolizing the act of replenishing oneself with strength and resilience in order to better care for a child fighting cancer. The program acknowledges the immense emotional and physical toll that a cancer diagnosis can have on families and seeks to provide them with the tools they need to navigate this journey with courage and determination.

Inside each Fill Your Cup Yeti, families will find carefully chosen items designed to meet their immediate needs and offer a moment of respite amidst the challenges of hospital life.

These items include:

A Yeti Cup:

A high-quality, durable Yeti cup, designed to hold a comforting drink for parents as they accompany their child during treatments and hospital stays. The cup serves as a constant reminder of the support and care surrounding them during this difficult time.


Offering a refreshing burst of flavor to uplift spirits and provide a momentary distraction from the stresses of the hospital environment.

Universal Phone Charger and Wall Plug:

Enabling families to stay connected with loved ones and access vital resources during their time at the hospital, ensuring they are never alone in their journey.


Providing relief from dryness and discomfort, chapstick serves as a small yet essential comfort item for both parents and children alike.
Information on Dream Bedroom Makeover: Alongside the practical items, families will receive information on how to sign up for a dream bedroom makeover for their child, offering a ray of hope and positivity for the future.

Through Fill Your Cup, Special Spaces Illinois seeks to empower families to face the challenges of childhood cancer with strength and resilience, knowing that they have a network of support behind them every step of the way. Together, we can fill our cups with hope, love, and unwavering determination to overcome adversity and support those in need.