Bourbon for Bedrooms - Special Spaces Illinois

Bourbon For Bedrooms Raffle Rules

1 – Sponsor.

Special Spaces (SS) is the sponsor of The “Bourbon for Bedrooms” Raffle (the “Raffle”). SS is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation, qualified as a 501(c)(3) exempt organization. The purpose of the Raffle is to raise funds for the mission of Special Spaces Illinois.

2 – Raffle Overview.

The Raffle begins on June 1st, 2024 and ends upon the sale of all available raffle tickets or on August 1st, 2024. There are 15 prizes. Prize descriptions are outlined on the “Bourbon for Bedrooms” Special Spaces Illinois website.

3 – Eligibility.

Any person 21 years of age or older, residing where the Raffle is not prohibited, may purchase a ticket (“Ticket”) to be entered in the Raffle (such person shall be herein known as a “Ticket Holder”). SS reserves the right to require proof of age upon the purchase of a Ticket and reserves the right to refuse to sell a Ticket to any individual not believed to be an eligible participant. An affidavit of eligibility shall be required from the Ticket Holder who wins the prize. If the winning Ticket Holder is not eligible, then such winning Ticket Holder will not receive the prize and SS will draw until an eligible Ticket Holder is selected.

4 – Rules.

By purchasing a Ticket, each Ticket Holder accepts and agrees to be bound by all the rules, limitations, conditions, and restrictions set forth herein (the “Rules”), as well as all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations. SS’s decisions in all matters concerning the Raffle and its interpretation and application of the Rules shall be final. Please contact SS if you have questions regarding the Rules or the Raffle. The Raffle is void where prohibited by law.

5 – Releases.

By purchasing a Ticket, each Ticket Holder releases SS, its directors, officers, employees, board members and agents, from any and all liability with respect to the raffle, including, but not limited to, the selection process and the interpretation and application of the Rules, and from any and all liability for injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused by any prize or resulting from acceptance, possession, use, or misuse of any prize, and each Ticket Holder agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold SS harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees), arising in connection with or as a result of the winner’s acceptance or use of any prize. Each Ticket Holder agrees that the Ticket Holder’s name, likeness, and any statements made by the Ticket Holder regarding the prize may be disclosed to, and used by, the news media and may otherwise by used by SS for advertising or publicity purposes without compensation, and in lists of prize winners to be published in area newspapers and other media.

6 – Tickets.

The cost to purchase Ticket(s) for the Raffle is as follows:

  • $25.00 for a single (1) ticket
  • $100 for Five (5) tickets
  • $250 for Twelve (12) tickets
  • $500 for Twenty-seven (27) tickets
  • $750 for Forty (40) tickets
  • $1000 for Sixty (60) tickets

All prices above are U.S. dollars only.  Each Ticket shall have the Ticket Holder’s name and contact information. Any eligible person may purchase more than one Ticket. Odds of winning depend on the number of valid Tickets sold. The IRS has taken the position that amounts paid for chances in raffles, lotteries, or similar drawings for valuable prizes are not gifts, and consequently do not qualify as deductible charitable contributions. A Ticket is not valid and shall not be entered in the Raffle until full and satisfactory payment for such Ticket is received by SS. Tickets are not transferable once purchased.

7 – Failure of Payment.

If a Ticket Holder’s payment by credit card is declined or check is dishonored by the bank for any reason, such Ticket Holder’s Ticket shall be null and void and will not be entered in the drawing, unless full and satisfactory payment is made by one business day prior to the date of the drawing. SS will notify the invalidated Ticket Holder by telephone and/or email using the information provided by the Ticket Holder at the time the Ticket is acquired; however, any failure to contact the Ticket Holder shall not cause the Ticket to become valid, cause the Ticket to be entered in the Raffle, or give rise to any claim or cause of action on behalf of the invalidated Ticket Holder.

8 – Multiple-Party Tickets.

In the event that more than one name is listed on a Ticket, the first name listed shall be deemed to be the Ticket Holder. Delivery or payment of the prize shall be made to the Ticket Holder. It is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to allocate any such prize among the participants in a multiple-party Ticket and SS, its directors, officers, employees, and agents, shall have no liability for any failure to do so.

9 – Raffle Drawing.

Raffle ticket sales will close on August 1st, 2024. The Raffle Drawing shall take place by August 7th, 2024 in Plainfield, IL. The Winning number will be randomly chosen, and the winner of the prize will be the Ticket Holder who has purchased a valid Ticket whose name and contact information match that of the Ticket that was randomly chosen. If the Raffle is held, all prizes will be given away. If the Raffle is not held, all money will be returned to the Ticket Holders. There is no substitution of prizes. TICKET HOLDERS NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN.

10 – Claiming a Prize.

Winning Ticket Holders will be notified by phone and/or email at the number or email address provided when purchasing the Ticket. SS shall notify the winner within seven days of the drawing. The winner shall claim the prize within thirty days of the drawing.  If the prize is not claimed within such thirty-day period, then the prize shall be deemed to be forfeited by the winning Ticket Holder. The name of the winner will be available at the Special Spaces Illinois website online at

11 – Obligations of Winning Ticket Holders.

Except as otherwise provided herein, the Ticket Holder who wins the prize is responsible for all costs associated with that prize, including, but not limited to, registration, licensing, delivery and any other applicable fees, as well as all local, state, and federal taxes that may be applicable; provided, however, that SS agrees to pay, on behalf of the winning Ticket Holder, any required withholding for federal and state income tax purposes as an additional benefit to the winning Ticket Holder with no expectation of reimbursement from the winning Ticket Holder.  The winning Ticket Holder agrees to cooperate with and provide all necessary information to SS for purposes of completing all necessary tax forms, including without limitation IRS forms W-2G and 5754.  The winning Ticket Holder shall claim the prize in person at the offices of SS or arrange for an alternate meeting place. SS will have no responsibility to ship the prize to the winning Ticket Holder if such shipment would otherwise violate local, state, or federal law.  If the winning Ticket Holder makes arrangements with SS to lawfully ship the prize to the winning Ticket Holder, then the winning Ticket Holder shall pay for all delivery and insurance costs and shall be responsible for any risk associated with shipment and delivery, and SS shall have no responsibility for any risk of loss. Ticket Holders are advised to consult with a tax advisor with respect to the deductibility of a Ticket purchase and the taxability of the prize for income tax purposes.

12. Void where prohibited by law.