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KyLee’s Room

“I want to take the chance to say ‘Thanks!’ KyLee and I have enjoyed her new ‘Special Space’ a great deal. You and your wonderful crew gave her a beautiful new environment that reflects her personality and needs! She is a precious little girl with a magical space. Your gift of design is a blessing to all who are touched by it. The dedication & hard work each of you put forth will forever be in my heart.

We slept in the recliner as well as could be expected, even Max found a spot! KyLee’s eye have lit up with amazement as she glances around to discover her new world! It has been a joy to feel her excitement!

With the help of my daughter, her friend, & my mom, we have gotten KyLee’s equipment all in place. We’ve all been stopping in amazement to appreciate the blessings we have received during this process. From all of us, ‘Thank you and my God continue to bless others through your work!”



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