Kids Waiting

Meet Tristin
Tristin is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with MAE or Doose Syndrome. Last January he began having seizures every couple of weeks but they continued to increase to the point that he was having seizures from 100 to 1000 times a day. The doctors have had to put him into a coma several times in the past year because he was in nonstop seizure activity called “status”. They have inserted a Vegus Nerve Stimulator that works as a ‘pacemaker’ to the brain and will interrupt a seizure as it starts and are hopeful to find the right medication as well as a specific diet to control the Epilepsy. Even though this has been very stressful for all of the family, it is especially hard on his 7 year old brother Tarin. Tristin likes elephants, turtles and dressing up in costumes. His favorite color is green (sometimes black) and he loves eggs and sausage.

We are so excited to announce that Spirit Halloween is sponsoring Tristin’s bedroom makeover scheduled for September 15. Look for his room makeover pictures soon!

Meet Mohamed
Mohamed is 14 years old. He has an undiagnosed neuromuscular condition and has struggled with autoimmune issues since birth. At times, he is on a ventilator and is GTUBE fed. Despite the challenges he has been dealt, he is a very happy, talkative boy and loves people. His Mom had told us that he loves Sponge Bob, Angry Birds and the internet. We found when we met with him that he also loves garage sales, antique shops and the Tinkertown Museum in the East Mountains. He loves movies and has quite a collection of DVD’s and VHS tapes. Follow us on facebook to see when his makeover will happen and also to see the before and after pictures.

Thank you Cabot Corporation for sponsoring Mohamed’s bedroom makeover.