Mary’s Makeover (Music City)

Special spaces San Franisco Bay Area recipient, WhitneyMeet 14 year old Mary. She has Ewing Sarcoma cancer and lives in White House, TN, where she shares a room with her 8 year old sister, Melody. Mary is adorable, active and an out-going girl. She had many dreams and wishes for her bedroom, one being a Paris Theme with Tiffany blue and Chevrons.

Like many 14-year-olds, Mary spends time with friends, takes dance classes and loves to play softball. But unlike most teens, she’s battling an aggressive form of cancer in her hip and lungs. Mary faced the reality that she could die at 11 years old. Her chance of surviving this type of cancer was less than 10 percent. For the past two and a half years, Mary has undergone aggressive treatment at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. “Her doctor came and said, ‘It’s time to attack. It’s time to go to battle. We feel confident now is the time.'” said Michelle Keith, Mary’s mother. Michelle said for the past year, the cancer has not continued to grow in her daughter’s body. “I’m not even terrified, I’m just so happy,” Mary said. “Because I just want to get done with this as fast as I can.”

A BIG thanks to all the businesses and people
who helped make Mary’s room so beautiful.

To the Nashville Predators Wives and Girlfriends for all their time and generosity.
To Kevin Mock and Brian Walsh for their carpentry and hard work.
To Jason’s Deli, Pizza Hut and Dunkin Donuts for keeping the volunteers fed and working.
Hermitage Lighting Gallery, Mattress Firm, Lowes Millwork, BIG Brand Imaging Group for their donations to make everything perfect!
Adventure Science Center from entertaining the Keith Family while we worked.
To Carrie Underwood for her special surprise for Mary!

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Watch the makeover video!…