Green Bay

Green Bay Co-director, Tina WilliquetteHello to the special people of Wisconsin! My name is Tina Williquette. I am so very excited to be a part of Special Spaces and to be a co-director of Special Spaces in my hometown of Green Bay.

My husband and I were blessed with a sweet daughter who was born with a very rare chromosome disorder. Unfortunately, after many life threatening situations, my daughter passed away at a very young age. After going through that experience, I feel my heart will be able to connect with the children and their families as we work to design bedrooms of the child’s dreams while meeting their medical needs. Special Spaces for me is a way to pay it forward to families I can relate to. My husband passed away very unexpectedly in the winter of 2011. Selfishly, Special Spaces is helping to heal my heart. I truly believe there is no better way to help yourself, than to help others. Special Spaces is a wonderful organization. It has provided me with the opportunity to show my 13 year old son, the importance of valuing all life, the importance of volunteering in whatever manner you can, and the importance of giving to others. I look forward to working with many children and their families within the greater Green Bay community to give them a bit of joy, comfort and hope.

Green Bay Co-director, Kate PringleHello, my name is Kate Pringle! My Husband & I are both from England and crazy as it sounds, enjoy the snow and the heat we have here in Wisconsin! We have a son, who just turned 11 this summer and is crazy about video games!

I am a preschool teacher and also have a passion for decorating and design. I heard about Special Spaces a couple years ago and knew it would sometime become a part of my life. Having been affected personally by the loss of a very special child close to me to cancer, I always was looking for a way to give back and honor her memory and her inspiration. Combining both my love of children and design, Special Spaces felt like the perfect fit for me. I am thrilled to become a part of this National organization, recently bringing a chapter to the Green Bay community to which I have called home for the last 16 years. I am honored to be creating dream bedrooms for some truly amazing and resilient children.

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